Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanksgiving Celebration at St. Mary's

This lab was probably the best one so far. We started out by going outside with the Pre-K and playing around on the playground. If there's one thing I've learned about preschoolers it's that they will play tag at any time and for however long you want them to. Me and a few of the boys ran around and took turns being "it." We designated certain spots around the playground to be safe zones, which were good because it gave them (and me sometimes) a chance to catch our breath. Then we even added a "jail" which once tagged you had to go to. These were all their ideas, and it was interesting to me to see them come up with these elements to add to the game.

Next, we went inside and I read to the Pre-K students a Clifford book about Thanksgiving. I noticed that the students were really excited about being read to and even more excited that Clifford was the main character. After the story we moved out into the gym and played the Clifford game. Basically, the students had to hop over poly spots, crawl through a tunnel, and hop from poly spot to poly spot, all which simulated things that Clifford did during the story.

Overall I really enjoyed this lab, especially reading to the kids. It definitely was nice to see them all so interested in the story, always wanting to know what happened next, and they were just as enthusiastic about the game we played afterward.

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