Sunday, November 1, 2009

My Pre-K Morning

On Wednesday I got a chance, albeit a short one, to see what a morning in the Pre-K classroom is like. After all, it's been two decades since I've been in a Pre-K class, so I really didn't know what I was going to see. It was interesting to see how the teachers had the kids start off the day, and I was surprised to see the students were so energetic and enthusiastic that early in the morning, but they were. The teachers started out the morning by having the students come up to the desk when they got there and telling her which lunch choice they wanted that day. Then the students sat down at one of the tables and worked on writing their names. I noticed several of the kids didn't want to hold their markers the correct way, even after being told too. Maybe the markers are too thick for them to comfortably hold in the correct way? Just a thought. After they finished writing their names they got to work with me creating a small book. The teachers decided on naming the book "A Pumpkin Story," which was a very fitting name considering the 6 page long booklet was about the growth of a pumpkin all the way from seed to jack-o-lantern. I started by folding and writing the title and student names on the covers, and directing the students to cut out the pages (they came on a single sheet of paper). I was originally unsure of whether or not the students would understand how to cut out the pages (they are only three or four years old after all) so I showed them the page and traced with my finger where they need to cut, but I think I over-explained it and they probably could have gotten it right if I just said "cut out the pages." After my time to be there was up (I actually stayed after several minutes to help a few students finish coloring in their books) I said goodbye to the teachers and students and thanked both teachers for having me in their classroom. It was a very cool experience and I enjoyed working with the teachers and students very much on Wednesday at St. Mary's.

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