Sunday, November 15, 2009

Circus Fun at St. Mary's

This week at St. Mary's was a lot of fun. We did our circus theme, and we all dressed up a little bit. I wore a clown nose that Jenna was nice enough to let me borrow for the day. Our first activity was WallBall. Basically the kids got into lines and rotated through the lines, with the first person throwing and retrieving a ball against a square target on the wall. We gave the students a choice of what type of ball they wanted to throw, but encouraged them to try different ones. We also let them throw the ball from however far away they wanted. Some students ran pretty much all the way up to the wall, while others threw from all the way back at the line. About halfway through we decided to move the lines back to try and get them to throw from further away.

For the next activity we lined the students up facing their partner, about fifteen feet apart with a small target in between. The goal was to hit the target with an overhand throw, and have the partner retrieve the ball and try and do the same. This activity was my favorite because it made the students really focus on the target, but there was also a fairly low success rate, so I would probably think twice before doing this activity with this age group again. They still seemed to enjoy the game regardless, so that was good.

After that we moved down to the cafeteria where the students had a snack and played some games at the tables. When I went down there I immediately noticed a Moncala board sitting at one of the tables, which was my favorite game when I was about ten years old. A student, Ariana came up and wanted to play. She beat me two games in a row, and it wasn't even close. I guess I've gotten a little rusty in my 13 years away from the game. It was interesting to watch her play though. She wasn't just randomly moving the stones around, she had a gameplan and was tactical in her movements, watching what I did and basing her next move off that. Overall I had a lot of fun at St. Mary's during our Circus day and observed a lot of interesting things.

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Patrick Wingler said...

I was very impressed with the work you all have been showing in you preparation for each class. Every week I love how dressed up each of you get. This shows me, Dr. Yang, and all of the students that you care about what you are going to teach, and that you are very into what you are doing. The possitive energy will come back to you in more possitive energy from the childre.

Keep up the great work!