Monday, October 26, 2009

Up, Up, and Away!

Last Wednesday, my group and I did our superhero based activities at St. Marys. When we all walked into the gymnasium the kids all were super excited about our costumes (except the girl who called me a monster). It was great to see all of the kids enthusiastic about being there and you could tell they really wanted to get going with the activities. We started out up in the gymnasium and set up our space game. Basically what the kids had to do was go to the different "planets" when told to do so, and each planet had a different movement they were supposed to do on the way there and back. For instance, they had to gallop to Venus, continue gallopping through the hula hoops and gallop back to Earth. During all of this I noticed the differences between the students. Although most of them were the same age, some were much more advanced in their movements, which is to be expected in any school setting, especially in the elementary setting.

By far the most moving thing that I've seen at St. Mary's so far was a kid named Harold. I saw him sitting alone over at the one table and sat down with him, along with Matt, Jenna and Miles. He seemed like he didn't want to interact with the other students and just seemed like he was feeling down. I asked him what types of sports he likes, because we were on the topic of sports. He said he liked kickball a lot, and football too, but he "sucked" at football, and "couldn't even make a tackle." I told him "That's no way to talk about yourself. Just because you're not as good at something as you think you should be that isn't any reason to get down on yourself about. That just means it's something you should work on, set goals on and work towards them." I think he was just being hard on himself though, because he obviously wasn't an unathletic kid...he was the best kid out there when we played kickball, and I made sure to give him a high five or something every time he came around for a score.

At the end of class Pat led everyone with an animal song that we all walked around the circle and pretended to be whatever animal Pat said. Activities like that are great for the kids because they let them not only move around but act goofy and have some fun with the song too.

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